Manan the voice of children it help for all childrens


Manan the voice of childrens

What is the unique in Manan which makes her different from others, her devotion and dedication towards the abandoned kids in our society and now she stays with these kids at her Vaishali Nagar house “Surman House”. Thing were not like this 17 years ago, she used to visit slum area and spent quality time with these little kids. Intend to pursue her carrier in Fashion Designing now all activities of Manan are related to little kids she make Films, does Stage Shows, Painting (Shows & Expiations) and also publishing a monthly magazine “Bougain Vellia” whatever revenue is being generated by Manan helps her to run Surman Sansthan. Jaipur is a worth seeing place lot many tourist visit Jaipur and feel good often seeing places and forts of Jaipur but they feel amazing after seeing little ones at Surman and how well they are taken care of; It is not an orphanage but a complete family.

How Does It Work?

Manan Chaturvedi, a human rights activist - who, for more than 20 years, has worked on the issues of human rights of children, women, and ethnic minorities, started the Organization as a small network. He soon developed it into a vast organization of volunteers. The Manan App has developed a unique Referral System in liaison with law enforcement agencies; legal advocacy groups and individuals; children and women rights organizations and activists and media organizations. The system, as was its aim, has helped in: quick and safe recovery of missing children; in follow-up investigation into the causes of children missing; in the development of a mechanism for their protection and safety of children, in extending psychosocial help and support for the affected families. The organization is also protecting the women against gender based violence issues.
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